Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas is excited facing Inter Milan in the next round of the Europa League.

Tottenham's double-header against the Italian giants next month will stir memories of their Champions League clashes two seasons ago - which saw winger Gareth Bale burst on to the world stage.

AVB said: "Can we beat Inter? It's going to be extremely difficult but we will approach both games to win.

"We had two magnificent games against them in the Champions League and we just want to recreate those special nights that everyone remembers.

"We want to continue setting the example in this competition. We think it's a real example for England and we have been rewarded with two magnificent ties against Lyon and Inter Milan.

"Everyone is buzzing to continue in this competition - which is why we reacted so joyfully at the end.

"I think we still have to make even bigger steps.

"Inter Milan represent exactly that as they won the Champions League a couple of years ago and it's basically the same team.

"It's a great fixture for us and I'm really happy."