Momo Sissoko has slaughtered Juventus management over the way they've treated him this season.

The former Liverpool midfielder has been linked with Aston Villa and is expected to leave Juve this month.

Sissoko told "I have never shown a lack of respect to anyone, above all towards the fans who have always supported and encouraged me even when I was playing badly.

"As for Juve, the directors have wanted to sell me since the beginning of the season, at times trying to insert me into deals that I didn't like. They offered me to Wolfsburg as part of a deal for Edin Dzeko.

"When the competition is healthy, I have no problems. But this isn't the case at Juve. Gigi Del Neri only pays attention to me and says 'hi' when he needs me. Otherwise I don't figure in his calculations. I don't want to start an argument, but I am not a mercenary.

"If someone did show a lack of respect it was the Juventus directors towards me and not vice-versa. They know that they made a mistake towards me and now they have invented the story that I didn't play against Napoli because I refused to do so. But it's completely false.

"If I didn't play it's because my quads were inflamed and I didn't want to risk hurting myself. One day I am sellable, the next day I am not. Felipe Melo is suspended for three matches and I am no longer on the market. You don't do things this way.

"There are clubs interested in me, but Juventus only want to give me the blame for the two consecutive defeats,"

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