Aston Villa offer Italy's 'Mr Clean' coaching role

Simone Farina is joining Aston Villa's coaching staff.

Serie B defender Farina became a national hero after exposing a huge match-fixing scandal last December.

Farina was virtually unknown and playing for Gubbio when a former Roma team-mate offered him £160,000 — twice his annual salary — to throw an Italian Cup tie against Cesena.

But he was likened to legendary American cop Eliot Ness, who led an incorruptible team of agents dubbed The Untouchables, as he stood up to the match-fixers.

Thanks to his revelations, 17 people were arrested last December.

Farina, 30, became a hero in Italy and received an award from FIFA chief Sepp Blatter.

Now Paul Lambert is set to transform Italy’s Mr Clean into a Villan!

He has offered Farina the opportunity to coach Villa’s kids and set a good example to them as they come through the ranks.

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