Arsenal winger Theo Walcott was upset for his England teammates after their penalty shootout failure.

Walcott could only express his sorrow after seeing his team-mates finish the evening in such sad circumstances.

"It's a very cruel way to go out in any competition but someone was going to go out and luck did not go our way," he said.

"The two Ashleys are strong enough lads to come back from this and the lads will be with them.

"They are two of the most experienced players in that dressing room and they will bounce back from this even better players.

"I do not worry about that at all.

"We have got to look forward to the future. It is going to be bright, I am sure of that.

"The World Cup qualifiers are going to be tough. We have to learn some lessons from tonight as that is important for the young players - me being one of them."