Arsenal winger Theo Walcott says he's proud to wear Thierry Henry's old No14 shirt.

He was also given 14 when he made himself available for the Under-21 squad, despite establishing himself in the seniors.

"I didn't expect to get it but it's an absolute result," Walcott said.

"It doesn't really matter what number is on the back. As long as it's an England shirt I'm happy.

"I actually wanted the number eight shirt at Arsenal but they told me Samir Nasri had that. I didn't even know we'd signed him at the time!

"So they told me 14 and I said 'yeah, I'll have that' not realising it was Thierry's number until I got home. It's just a number but he's a great player to live up to. That's the pressure. That's no problem."