Arsenal attacker Theo Walcott admits he didn't first want his new No14 shirt, formerly Thierry Henry's.

"For me it is best just to think of it as a number," the 19-year-old told "But then I knew what to expect when I picked this number.

"I actually asked for No 8 at first but Vic [Akers] said that Samir Nasri had it so I was not complaining there. Then he said No 14 was available so straight away I said 'I'll have that'.

"Thierry was my idol. He looked after me when I was first here. It was brilliant to train with him every day and watch what he did. He was the best striker I have ever seen. So I suppose it's like Ade having No 25 because Kanu had that.

"But as I say for me it is just a number."