Arsenal left-back Armand Traore says he'll play anywhere for a first team chance.

Traore was utilised as a winger in the reserves' 5-1 win over Derby on Monday and - much like team-mate Emmanuel Eboue who has moved forward into a midfield role this season - believes he could perform well in a more advanced role.

He told the club's official website: "It's the boss' decision of course but if he thinks I could play in midfield for the first team then I would do it. I would be more than happy to do it.

"You don't have to defend as much [on the left wing] but the positioning is pretty much the same.

"Obviously I get to attack more and attacking is one of my strong points.

"It's my position originally in football so I kind of found myself normally in the left wing.

"I'm starting to enjoy playing there more and more and, yes, it's better for me."