Eduardo da Silva admits Arsenal teammate Theo Walcott surprised Croatia in England's victory this week.

"Until England scored the first goal, we looked okay," he told Jutarnji List. "So I would say this game had two parts - before the first goal and after the first goal.

"It looked like two very different games.

"I think Fabio Capello surprised Slaven Bilic with Theo Walcott, who is a player who can do a lot of damage to any opponents.

"And, after the goal, he played even better when Danijel Pranjic was even less confident.

"I don't know if the red card [for Robert Kovac] was okay," he added. "I didn't see what happened.

"But England are a very good team and it was only a matter of time before they exploded.

"Sadly, they did this in Zagreb but football is like this and defeats can happen.

"We taught them a lesson twice because they were a little bit over the moon and too confident and now they repaid us with the same measure."