Arsenal's Adebayor reveals secret of aerial prowess

Arsenal striker Manu Adebayor has revealed the secret behind his prowess in the air after his superb goals against Fulham on Saturday.

Adebayor revealed: "When I was young, I used to suspend a ball from the ceiling in my mum's house in Togo and see if I could jump high enough to head it.

"Every time I managed to head it, I would shorten the string attached to the ball and try to leap even higher.

"I don't know how high I could go but ever since I played for Metz in France, I've always come first in every jumping test - and not just because I am tall."

Adebayor, 23, has got 15 goals this term - all in the Premier League - and can carry on adding to his tally as Togo failed to make the African Nations Cup.

He admitted: "I'd love to be in Ghana but I have to be positive so I will settle for my goals, three points for Arsenal and enjoying myself in England.

"I'll just keep chasing the goals. If I finish top scorer in the Premier League I'll be pleased but my ambition is to win the title."

Adebayor, meanwhile, is still practising his headers. He said: "I'm staying behind after training for 30 or 40 minutes."

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