Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has revealed how former club captain Thierry Henry inspired him in an early clash with Tottenham.

Adebayor said: "I remember the first time I played against them, Thierry Henry was telling me in the dressing room, 'if you score against this team today, you will be like a king for the fans, they will love you'. I didn't really take him seriously. Everyone knows Thierry Henry is always joking. I thought he was joking. After I scored against them, they were singing my song and I knew he was right. It's good that I've got a very good record against Tottenham.

"If you score, they will be singing your name until the end of the game. That's what makes it special because that's one of the best things in life, 60,000 people singing you name. You can never ask for better than that."