Arsenal striker Manu Adebayor says he's modeled his Premiership game on Portsmouth ace Nwankwo Kanu and Chelsea's Didier Drogba.

Adebayor told Arsenal magazine: "When I first came to London a lot of people were saying 'he's a very good player but not such a good finisher', and I'd like to prove them wrong.

"It was very difficult for me. Coming from France, I was not used to the football here.

"So that's why perhaps it's normal that people would compare me more with Kanu when I first came over here, but now I can say I'm stronger, I can keep the ball and hold on to it, I'm quicker than before too.

"So maybe there's a little bit of Drogba and a little bit of Kanu - that could be a good striker.

"Drogba is a strong player who can score at any time. And Kanu, well, you've got the finish, you've got the technique, you've got the touch. If people say I can be half and half of each then it's really good for me.

"I'm very grateful a lot of people are now saying I'm a good finisher, that I'm strong in the air, that I can win the ball, that I'm fast. This gives me more confidence, but I still have to improve."