Arsenal superkid Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain admits playing with Thierry Henry was a dream come true.

Oxlade-Chamberlain played alongside Henry during his short stint on-loan from New York Red Bulls earlier this year.

"When he came back to Arsenal, I was a bit shy and nervous for the first two weeks. He was sat two spots away, with Theo Walcott in the middle. It was surreal. After two or three weeks, I realised he was a human being, no different to me or anyone else, a nice guy. The main thing I learnt from him was his will to win," the youngster told the Telegraph.

"I was sat on the bench with him and he was shouting away. He's been there, done everything, so for him to come back to Arsenal, where he's already a legend, and still want to win shows what makes him such a good player."