Arsenal striker Robin van Persie says it's time his Dutch critics recognised the way he's turned his life around in London.

He told Heroes magazine: "It's not like I don't go out in order to avoid problems. I just prefer being at home. Football takes me away from home for long enough and why should I require alcohol?

"What's the point of going to a club until 3am? It would only mean I wouldn't get enough sleep. The most important things in my life are Bouchra, my son, my family and football.

"Many still see me as the troublemaker I was at Feyenoord. In Rotterdam I went out a lot and had a good time. I struggled with my 'bad-boy' image.

"I've stopped the merry-making. I fell in with the wrong crowd. I don't want to blame anyone - but sometimes you need help. At Arsenal I've discovered how a professional club is run."