Arsenal legend Ian Wright says the Premier League should scrap the pre-match handshakes.

All eyes will be on today's derby between QPR and Chelsea with Anton Ferdinand expected to snub John Terry.

Wright told Absolute Radio: "I've never been in favour of the handshake before the game anyway. It's just getting worse, do you know what I mean? Because now Anton has said to his manager, Mark Hughes; he's said that he's not going to shake hands.

"So we're going to have the whole furore again, and then what happens when Rio plays against Chelsea? Is he going to shake John Terry and Ashley Cole's hands? So it's a shame. It's a real shame because even right from the outset, the handshake for me, it is ridiculous. I think it's just a stupid thing to bring in for fair play before the game.

"It's just for show. No-one means a handshake at the start of the game. It's at the end of the game; that's when you judge the fair play and how it's gone."

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