Arsenal legend Ian Wright is upset seeing Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand reject England.

Wright admits he feels let down by the whole affair.

He told Absolute Radio: "Well like I say it's very disappointing, because all I want is for England to do well, that's all you want you want people to play for England and play for England and you know what I mean? Heart and sleeves stuff, go out there, tin hats and everything, go out and make the country proud and that. Get to Brazil, because it's going to be an amazing World Cup and just give us a run for our money, but we've got players retiring left, right and centre you know what I mean?

"Not wanting to play, then they're saying well now I do want to play. England isn't a plaything, England isn't something that you can pick up and put down when you want and that's what's disappointing. It's not a good message. It's not a good message."

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