Arsenal legend David Seaman says Arsene Wenger must remain as manager.

Seaman, 49, disagrees with calls for the long-serving Frenchman to be replaced.

He told The Sun: "Spending the cash and maybe having a look at the wage structure is needed because you've got to be attracting the best players.

"People say about replacing Arsene, but no way, not for me. He's the best. If he left Arsenal, a big, big club would snap him up straight away. It would be a loss to Arsenal.

"I'm sure the fans would regret it because what would change? Arsene's a great coach, a great manager.

"Has he got the money to spend? We don't know.

"If a new manager came in and suddenly he's got money to spend, why wouldn't they give it to Arsene? There a lot of questions that need answering."