Arsenal hero Jens Lehmann is in more hot water at Stuttgart.

The Mirror says Lehmann may be taken to court for theft after he took a pair of glasses from a fan following a recent Bundesliga fixture.

Lehmann left Mainz's Bruchweg Stadion in a rage after a 1-1 draw earlier this month and, on his way out of the stadium, tore a pair of glasses from the face of a fan who had confronted him. After a short while, Lehmann gave the glasses back, but the fan is now looking to bring charges against the former Germany goalkeeper for theft. And he has already contacted the local police, according to Sport Bild magazine.

"We have received a report of an offence again Mr Lehmann," said the director of Mainz's state prosecutors to the magazine. "We will look into the matter as normal."

Lehmann later apologised for his actions, but said he had acted in such a manner since it was "the only way to shut him up".