Arsenal will be due a massive cut of any fee Barcelona sell Cesc Fabregas for this summer. The Daily Mail says Manchester United could be forced to pay an inflated price for Fabregas, with Barcelona obliged to give Arsenal half the fee under the terms of his transfer to the Nou Camp. It means Barcelona would have to sell him for about £70million just to break even.

Furthermore, the Gunners could be offered the chance of re-signing the Spaniard for as little as £20million should United formalise their interest.

United are keen on signing the Spain midfielder, but Arsenal will play a key role in determining whether new manager David Moyes can land the midfielder.

Arsenal secured a staggering 50 per cent sell-on option when negotiating Fabregas' terms with Barca.

Arsenal also insisted on having a fixed price on the buy-back clause, believed to be between £20m-£25m.