In his column for, Hill-Wood wrote: "I think in the main we've always played good football at Arsenal, though there was a time when we were a bit more defensive. But in recent times we have played some of the best football that I can ever recall. You have to remember that we are in the entertainment business. If you can do that and win trophies - which we've been able to do - then that's the ultimate goal.

"Arsene Wenger is the man behind that style and, at the moment, his new contract is often being talked about. But I don't see any problems with the situation and I think it will be agreed in the not too distant future.

"I'm sure he's happy here and he's building a great team which is exciting for everyone. It's a young team but actually now an experienced young team who've played a couple of seasons for us and I think they will give a very good account of themselves this term."