Arsenal can survive without Cesc - Wenger

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists his team can cope without Cesc Fabregas tonight at Slavia Prague.

"Cesc has nearly played every single minute since the start of the season," said Wenger.

"If you get him injured, it's three or four games out. If you can give him a breather at some stage it is not too bad.

"We have a big enough squad to give the players a rest when it is needed, and so can cope without a winter break.

"Players who play abroad sometimes have the Christmas period to go home, but here in England they like to keep Christmas going and to have a break after.

"Let's not be stupid, we cannot go down to 18 in the league and you do not have less games than before, you always have more.

"But at the moment there is still a reasonable break in the summer."

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