Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants them to turn on the style against Tottenham today.

Wenger wants to return to winning ways and, while he would settle for a scrappy victory, the manager wants his side to put on a show.

"You will take any win, but it's not the way to go into the game," he said. "You cannot ask to do that at the start. You want to play well and go in thinking that if you play well you will win the game.

"If you want to be a top-level professional you have to understand that your crowd wants you to win and you have to deal with the fact they are not always happy. That's where you see the personalities and the sense of responsibility of the players.

"What affects me is that our fans are not happy. It doesn't stop me from doing what I do on the football pitch, but if you ask me, my biggest desire is to see our fans happy - like the players as well.

"That's not an excuse not to play and to play your game, you know. I believe that our fans will be behind us without any problem."