Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admits he's unsure of how the UEFA Cup can be saved.

"Its [future] is linked with the media interest and the fans' interest," he said speaking before the international break. "And one thing is for sure, the media interest has gone down because it has become very difficult to sell the competition, apart from in England maybe. That is why I don't know how you can save the competition."

He went on: "In fairness to the people who've had to think about this, it is a difficult problem. It seems to have become a competition that does not interest the media anymore before it gets to the Quarter-Final.

"Before that [point] it is very difficult to find the answer. I personally have not found the answer and I don't know if people will.

"We live in a modern world where people have access to the best and want to see the best. That is why it is very difficult to sell it now.

"People nowadays have a choice. And because they have a choice they do not want to see a second-graded competition.

"It is good that people try to find a solution to make the Uefa Cup attractive but I am not convinced there is an answer."