Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is surprised at the ferocity of the backlash against the Premier League's proposal to play a 39th game abroad each season from 2011.

The plan has received universal condemnation with FIFA president Sepp Blatter the latest dissenting voice, declaring it will "never happen".

But Wenger insists the idea should be investigated properly before being written off.

"I'm surprised by the immensity of the battle from people who are against it without really analysing the pros and cons," he said.

"For me the biggest disrespect to the fans is to take money out of their pockets without giving them something of quality.

"I can understand a lot of resistance because there are problems that have to be erased, but you cannot say that a competitive game is disrespectful to fans.

"Friendly games for huge prices are disrespectful to fans."