Arsenal boss Wenger reflects on Premiership's global pull

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has reflected on the global pull of the Premiership.

On Thursday, it emerged that plans were being considered to play a round of top-flight games overseas in a few season's time. The Arsenal manager was not surprised.

"It is inevitable in some way," he said. "Why? Because communications is always quicker. Right now if I tell you Philippe Senderos is injured in the same minute a guy in China can read that as well. That was not the case 20 years ago. So football is already global through television or media.

"Where it is not global is in access to the competition. At the moment TV gives access to the best in the world. And that means there will be a pressure for the best playing against the best.

"So then the question you ask is can the best against the best only be in England? And I think that's what the Premier League is trying to do. Not to lose the best domestically but to promote them abroad and keep the best in England. Will that last? I don't know."

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