Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is keen to play down title expectations, despite his team leading the Premiership table.

"Maybe for dreamers, they think about the title - but we are realistic people and we know that at 14 games, there is still a long way to go," he told Arsenal TV Online.

"The championship is fantastic because it is down to consistency and you get that if you are capable to get your resources together for every single game - that is why we are not dreamers and are realistic people.

"We do, of course, think we are capable and we will grab that chance if we can get the best out of our team."

Wenger declared: "We have a fantastic opportunity to strengthen our lead in the Premier League, and we want to take this chance like we did at Aston Villa.

"We have shown that with backs to the wall, we don't give in and we fight for each other. Even if our football is not as fluid as we want it to be, we can still come out with a good result."