Arsenal boss Wenger: I'm big admirer of Man Utd's Sir Alex

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists he has great admiration for Manchester United rival Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ferguson, Old Trafford boss for 21 years, is the most successful manager in English football history and his enduring rivalry with Wenger has been a motivating factor in the success of both men.

"In the last couple of seasons the competition between us has been diluted because Chelsea entered the equation," said Wenger. "But this season we're back on top with Manchester United and I'm happy about that. Despite what you might read, my relationship with Alex is okay, but the rivalry is intense.

"I'm a big admirer. He's older than me but why shouldn't he work on?

"Alex's achievements at Manchester United have been exceptional. He's built a dynasty. But I wouldn't expect to be compared to him when I retire. I would just like to be remembered as the guy who did his best for his club."

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