Arsenal boss Wenger: I may enter market again

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says he'll stay alert in the market, but is happy with what he has at the moment.

"I always look at my team and what we need to be strong," he said. "And I feel we are strong, I don't feel we need more.

"But we are always listening. If something comes up we have the funds to do it, but we don't have a special need."

Wenger is renowned for his value-spotting in the transfer market and he was questioned whether his reluctance for further purchases was based on the large sums forked out this summer.

"It is down to everybody to pay the amount of money they want to pay," he replied. "What is happening at the moment is that 80 per cent of the money spent in the world is being spent in England. The prices have gone up.

"I don't go into crazy markets. But they might go down again. The amount of top class players available is not necessarily linked with the money available."

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