Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is happy with Jack Wilshere betting Tottenham fans over who will finish higher this season.

Wilshere had to field plenty of remarks from Tottenham fans during their win over Aston Villa on Monday night and Wilshere responded by pledging £3,000 to charity if Spurs finish above their local rivals this season.

The England international had one condition - that Spurs fans donate to charity if Arsenal are the top north London club.

"Jack made a contest," Wenger told "The good thing about that is that a charity will get some money.

"He said that the supporters of Tottenham will have to pay £1 each, so because they have many I hope the charity will get a lot of money and Wilshere will not have to pay anything.

"[The challenge shows] that we are ready for a challenge and the charity will get some money."