Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is happy to see good friend Joe Kinnear back in football at Newcastle United.

He said: "I know him very well. I like him, personally.

"[The criticism is] unfair because you cannot ask somebody who is out of a job for five or six years and has an opportunity to show his quality to refuse the job.

"Joe is an optimist and he thinks, 'Okay, I have the job for a short time, but if I do well, I might stay in there'.

"For somebody who has been out of a job for such a long time, you cannot deny that opportunity to him.

"I believe he has done the right thing and he has the quality and the strengths to maybe turn people around and change their opinion about him.

"It's a tough job, but as well a job without any risk because the club is in such a bad situation, you can only do well."