Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was grateful for the fans' support in victory over Bolton Wanderers.

Wenger enjoyed his ovation but he insists that Arsenal still have a long way to go to complete their recovery from a poor start to the campaign.

"It's very nice [to hear the fans sing my name] because on that front we have struggled a little," Wenger told "It's been a long time since I could go home and relax after a game, I can tell you. I don't know [how long it has been].

"Our season started basically two weeks ago after the August 31 transfer deadline and I believe as well we paid a heavy price to knock Udinese out of the Champions League - that was very demanding for us. After that I feel this is the first time we have had a united squad together.

"We are conscious that there is a long way to go for us and Saturday's game is a little start. Now it will be down to consistency. But I would like to say on today that Per Mertesacker is looking stronger and stronger and that he is calm, intelligent and shows me that he can lead our defence."