Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says Avram Grant is good enough to lead Chelsea.

"He came here to watch training when he was the coach of Israel. So we met. I like the man," said the Arsenal boss.

"He is a very intelligent man with a big knowledge of the game.

"I think he has the quality to do it, but it has changed his position.

"He was employed as a director of football, not manager. So it is a surprise

"Certainly he can be successful - but I am not sure if he is a permanent manager."

Wenger added: "He has the resources, he has the players, he has the knowledge, so why should he not be successful?

"When you have a sudden departure like that it becomes a bit passionate and emotional and people make a quick assessment.

"I understand that people are shocked and surprised that Mourinho left - that does not mean you have to convict the guy who comes after him."