Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is convinced a European Super League will happen - despite the disbanding of G14.

G14, a group consisting of the 18 most powerful clubs in Europe, explored the idea of establishing an exclusive league until it was disbanded this week following talks with FIFA and UEFA.

But Wenger insists support for a super league has not died with G14 and instead expects to see it implemented under the auspices of the governing bodies.

"The end of G14 is the death of a European super league under the banner of the clubs," he said.

"But it will still go ahead because the clubs all agreed not to use civil courts and to only accept the arbitration of UEFA and FIFA.

"Nothing can de decided by a civil court now.

"Also, the clubs have said they will not organise any competition that is not under the jurisdiction of UEFA or FIFA.

"But the European super league will happen - under UEFA's banner."