Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is delighted with the form of Mathieu Flamini.

"Mathieu realised he was maybe at a place where he will get a chance if he is doing well," said Wenger.

"He is growing - he has a little bossy attitude in midfield you know and he is an organiser, a fighter and a winner.

"He has improved in football terms; his vision is better, his presence is better and overall at the moment he is doing very well.

"Mathieu told me first he wanted to leave and of course I couldn't do anything against that because he had the right to do it.

"After, when he changed his mind, I said 'okay, you fight like everybody else for your job and for your position' - and he does that well because at a big club you must be prepared to put your backs to the wall, be capable to respond, and he does."