Arsenal attacker Lukas Podolski insists he has no problem with manager Arsene Wenger rarely leaving him on the pitch for the entire game.

He has completed 90 minutes only once - against Reading last month - but insists he has no issue with being taken off so frequently.

"Ask the boss why [it happens] - I don't know," said Podolski. "When you are a footballer, you will not always play 90 minutes.

"Sometimes you are not happy but this is not important for me. I do it well - I fight for Arsenal, for the club and team and this for me is important. [It is not a fitness issue], no.

"We have a lot of great players. The coaches don't change the full-back or centre-back - you change always the positions in the front who create something. You have great players and it is not a problem when I am substituted."