Arsenal ace Song denies Eto’o watch rumours

Alex Song has denied asking for a watch from Inter Milan star Samuel Eto'o.

Song appeared in the news for reportedly asking the Cameroon captain Samuel Eto’o for the same watch he gave to Usain Bolt.

The Arsenal midfielder was quick to put the record straight.

“No, I have never asked for a watch from anybody at any time,” he stated firmly to “The Cameroon team all received watches from Samuel Eto’o during the World Cup, but I was not the instigator, it was a gesture from him to the team.

“He told everyone in the squad he would buy us a watch each if we qualified for the World Cup, and it’s been quoted recently that I went to him at the end of the Morocco game when we qualified, saying that I wanted the same watch he bought Usain Bolt.

"That’s not true, I didn’t even speak to him after the game. Why would I say that? I thank God that I am in a good position today that if I want to give anything to my family, I can. I don’t know why someone would say this.”

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