Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admits Blackburn Rovers striker Jordan Rhodes is a "special" talent.

Arsenal face Rovers in the FA Cup today.

Wenger declared: "He has scored 20 goals in 25 games, so he must have something special and a big intelligence in the box - [he possesses] a big level of anticipation and is a skilful finisher.

"You don't see him too much outside the box in participation but when you look at his record it is quite impressive. Let's not forget that English football forgot people like Lambert for example.

"You wonder today what career this boy would have made if he had gone to a big club at 18 or 19. Maybe the fact that we had the money to only buy foreign we forget a few people who could make it.

"We know that he was a good goalscorer at Huddersfield. When a guy scores goals lower down you always have a question mark about whether he'd be capable of playing for Arsenal Football Club. But you have to give him time to adapt to the level and this season he has shown in the Championship that he can go higher."