Former Werder Bremen midfielder Leon Andreasen is happy with the way he has settled at Fulham since his January arrival.

Andreasen told "I have no complaints, other than that we need a few more points. Aside from that, everything's been good. The lads are nice and all the players that have come here have settled in quite well. It's the first time I've been in England so it's all pretty new to me, but the first few weeks have been really good.

"Some of the teams over here play a lot quicker, but the biggest thing is definitely the physical side of it. If you take a German team and compare it to an English team, the English team is far more physical - I'm talking about every player individually. That's the biggest difference.

"For example, I'd never done gym work at a club before. Obviously I've done a little bit myself here and there, but over here you do gym sessions maybe two or three times a week, and I've never done that before at my former clubs. It's a big difference, but I think it's good."