Andorra skipper Oscar Sonejee can't see any change in the way England are playing under Fabio Capello.

Sonejee believes there has been no improvement from England since playing them 18 months ago.

Sonejee helped limit England to a 2-0 victory at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona on Saturday, a goal less than they managed when fans famously turned on Steve McClaren.

Under head coach Fabio Capello, England got their World Cup qualifying campaign off to a winning start but Sonejee did not see much difference from their last encounter.

The 32-year-old said: "The match is practically the same, half-time was 0-0 then they changed their players and Joe Cole scored for them.

"For me, they played the same. But Andorra played better than last time."

Sonejee revealed that Andorra players were taunted by their opponents in their last clash but the Barclays Premier League stars were better behaved on their return to Montjuic.

"It's a different match to last time, we were talking this time but it was good. There were no comments, we were good with all the players," he explained.

"Last time was very difficult for us, there were insults, but this time were okay.

"It's difficult for any team to play against Andorra when we are defensive, their midfield played well but for the forwards it is difficult when we are all in defence.

"We tried our best and Rooney and Defoe did not get chances."