John Aloisi could have played his last game in Australia after Sydney coach John Kosmina ruled out the big-money striker for the rest of the season. Aloisi, the highest paid footballer of any code in Australia, is expected to be dumped by Sydney's new incoming owners after a dismal campaign.

Kosmina said: "You'll have to ask Johnny that. It's got nothing to do with me what the arrangement with Andrew (Kemeny) was.

"If Johnny chooses to leave, any player is free to go if they want. We've lost five players for next season anyway because they chose to leave.

"If I wanted him to stay or not it's irrelevant - it's his choice. We'll see what Johnny wants to do first.

"I haven't spoken to him about it. It's not the type of thing you talk about at this stage of the season. I am more worried about what we have to do at the weekend."