Middlesbrough striker Jeremie Aliadiere says manager Gareth Southgate has the full support of the dressing room.

The former Arsenal trainee told the Evening Gazette: "We are all playing for him, of course we are. But it's not just about playing for the manager, it's more about turning it around on the pitch.

"We want to win every time we go on to the pitch and I'm sure that if we have a bit more luck things will change for the manager and us.

"He has been trying to stay positive and it has been difficult because we have not won a game for a long time. You can't stop thinking about that but you have to keep going and he has been doing that.

"If you don't do that it's going to get worse and worse. We can't afford to do that. We hear all the time about the managers that are getting sacked. But as players we don't try to think about that.

"We are all together as players and manager and we are all focused on the same thing, more points."