The agent of former AC Milan captain Massimo Ambrosini says a move to Fiorentina is close.

Despite his status, his representative has made clear that he will not carry an ego over to Florence.

"We're in the final stretch, I do not know what day exactly, but during the week we should close the deal," Moreno Roggi told

"He will enter the dressing room on tiptoe and will be ready to also sit on the bench when it is needed.

"He is a boy of great humanity and a great fighter, if you are not such a man then you do not have a career like he has.

"It does not take much to convince a player to come to Fiorentina, a large city with a team that has a great project and pay on time.

"Even so, he is taking less money than it is believed or written. He will sign for a year."