Gabby Agbonlahor says Aston Villa fans have played a major part in their form improvement.

The star striker thinks that was epitomised by the lauding of the players after the Newcastle game, despite the frustrating loss.

He told Villa's website: "The fans have been terrific.

"If you ask them, they'll tell you they're happy if they see players giving 100% for the shirt. They don't mind if you give the ball away as long as they see you trying to win it back. They will stick with you.

"Quite a number stayed behind after the Newcastle game and clapped us off.

"They recognised our efforts in that second half to get the game back in our favour. That meant a lot to the players.

"It's a real boost to know the fans are on your side and have your back. They help us.

"They are worth a few points in our favour over the course of the season, 100%."