Barcelona's bargain basement sale of David Villa to Atletico Madrid has highlighted the recent abysmal business the Spanish champs have done in the transfer market. Villa moved to Atletico for €5.1 million, having arrived from Valencia for €40 million three seasons ago.

In all, Barca have lost over €170 million from eight recent transfers, though Villa's is not the worst.

Barca worst transfers (difference between buying and selling price):

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (-63 million)

2. David Villa (-34.9 million)

3. Henrique (-16.5 million)

4. Hleb (-15 million)

5. Keirrison (-14 million)

6. Caceres (-13 million)

7. Chigrinsky (-10 million)

8. Maxi Lopez (-4 million)

Total: €170.4 million lost