After Villa, Barcelona have lost €170 MILLION from eight recent deals

Barcelona's bargain basement sale of David Villa to Atletico Madrid has highlighted the recent abysmal business the Spanish champs have done in the transfer market.

Villa moved to Atletico for €5.1 million, having arrived from Valencia for €40 million three seasons ago.

In all, Barca have lost over €170 million from eight recent transfers, though Villa's is not the worst.

Barca worst transfers (difference between buying and selling price):

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (-63 million)

2. David Villa (-34.9 million)

3. Henrique (-16.5 million)

4. Hleb (-15 million)

5. Keirrison (-14 million)

6. Caceres (-13 million)

7. Chigrinsky (-10 million)

8. Maxi Lopez (-4 million)

Total: €170.4 million lost

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