Adebayor still dreams of "miracle" Arsenal title

Emmanuel Adebayor refuses to concede that Arsenal will not win the Premiership this season.

"I am praying for a miracle now, but miracles do happen," Adebayor said. "We have put pressure on the top two and it is not too late for something amazing to happen.

"Obviously we have to hope that Chelsea and United make mistakes at the weekend - but I can promise we will not make any."

Adebayor added: "We showed with our win we have character because it might have been easy just to look at the table and give up on trying to be champions - but that is not who we are.

"What was also important is that we sent out a message to our rivals that despite all the disappointments we have had in the past couple of months we are sticking together and showing that we are getting better and better.

"This season we may end up with nothing - but it will not look the same this time next year."

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