Adebayor: Arsenal silencing critics

Manu Adebayor believes Arsenal's stunning early season form has silenced the critics.

"I don't want people to think that we will win the title or the Champions League. I just want them to respect us for what we are doing at the moment," he told

"I think they [are altering their attitudes]. Recently I read the newspapers and people are changing a little bit. In the summer it was very difficult. We just want to prove to people that they are wrong so at the moment we just will keep our focus and do our job."

Of course, the season is only six weeks old and, in the next six weeks, Arsenal will face Liverpool and Manchester United, two direct title rivals.

"A lot of people say that these will be test games," replied Adebayor. "But then when we played against Sevilla people said it was a test game.

"For me there are no test games. We just go out and try to win."

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