AC Milan midfielder Cristian Brocchi insists he hasn't been unsettled by the arrival of Emerson from Real Madrid.

"Emerson will surely be a help for the team, but from a selfish point of view it is more competition for a place," he admitted.

"But I have always said that in order to be true competitors we need a big squad. I know that I won't play in every game, but that just means that I have to make sure I earn my place.

"I'm happy that the years in which Milan have won, 2003 and last year, were the years that I played the most. I have received less media attention than others, but perhaps the time for the spotlight will come.

"Staying at Milan may have meant giving up on the national side as I probably could have played for the Azzurri if I had been in Florence or elsewhere, but this shirt is too important to me."