AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli has spoken of his relationship with former managers Jose Mourinho and Roberto Mancini.

Balotelli had several run-ins with Mancini at City.

But he insisted: "I rarely hear from Mancini. I had fouled someone and he got angry, that's all. We made up afterwards. Who do I prefer between Mancini and Mourinho? As a person Mancini, in football terms Mourinho.

"I argued a lot with Mourinho, but I also remember moments of great joy and we had a good laugh. We worked hard with him and played with great intensity, as it was what he wanted.

"I don't really talk to anyone from Inter now, though I sometimes hear from Materazzi or Wesley Sneijder. Marco has always been close to me and we never came to blows, unlike what some people said. He couldn't have punched me anyway!"