AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli insists he has no ego problems.

Balotelli hasn't put a foot wrong since his January move from Manchester City.

"I've never had a big head. I do not consider myself to be the best in the world, nor the worst. I am me and that is enough," said Super Mario.

"Thanks to the Italy squad and especially the Euros, now fans of other clubs are starting to like me too. I can see from the way they act around me.

"I spoke to my father after the Brazil draw and he told me off because I missed so many goals. Now a big game awaits us in Malta and we want to do well because that game will mean a lot for our World Cup qualifying.

"The Nazionale has something special, something more, and I am happy that the squad is getting younger. I have been changing for a while, it's just that before you couldn't see the improvements."