AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi was delighted with Ronaldinho's performance in their victory over Siena. "Ronaldinho, albeit 29 years of age, is a player I wouldn't change for anyone else in the world," Berlusconi told the Processo di Biscardi television show.

"In any position you choose to play him, he will always be worth the price of the ticket for those fans who get to witness him at work."

The Brazilian created both goals for Pato in Saturday's 2-1 win at Siena and has been played in the trequartista role.

"I would always have him at the centre of the action right near the penalty area," continued the President.

"I'd even play him as a second striker, leaving [Clarence] Seedorf as trequartista and Pato as centre-forward.

"If Ronaldinho played in that position, I think he would be one of the absolute stars of this campaign."