AC Milan matchwinner Inzaghi wants more minutes

"I play in a team that has allowed me to score many goals. Altruism isn't one of my top characteristics, but it was right and Kaka did very well," said Inzaghi.

"He even gave me back a perfect assist later on. Without this squad I never would have achieved these records in Europe.

"Andrea Pirlo also did brilliantly, as he knows me so well. The moment I stepped on to the field he told me to go deep, as their defence would struggle with that."

It was Inzaghi's first goal since September 18, but he has barely played recently, left on the bench in favour of an inconsistent Alberto Gilardino.

"I have been in good shape for two weeks and was just waiting for my moment. I was suffering, as we lost against Roma and I hoped my time would come soon.

"I believe that hard work pays off and when I am in good shape, I can really make a difference. I am convinced results do come from hard training."

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